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South Africa Safari, November, 2013

     Robben Island

    Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 1
    Meerkat Encounters_1
    Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 2
    Meerkat Encounters 2


    Pangolin Encounter
    Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 3
    Staying at the Motse 1
    Staying at the Motse 2

    Kruger National Park, Lukimbi
    Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Lukimbi 
    Lukimbi Lodge
    Lukimbi Lion Pride
    Lukimbi Crocodile River Walk

Ellie Drinking from Pool

Video clips

Kruger National Park, Idube 
Idube Game Reserve
    Idube Leopards
    Makubela Suites
    The Selati Boys
    Walk in the Bush
    The Ximhungwe Pride

Kuname Lodge, Karongwe
    Karongwe Private Game Reserve
    Dung Beetle roll on Rock
    Lion Encounters
    Walk to Cheetah

Sounds of South Africa
(Gull, Grouse, Gecko, Meerkat, Pangolin,
Korhaan, Hippo, Goose, Leopard)

Adventure Travel World Summit, Namibia, October, 2013

Elegant Farnstead
Africat Leopard
Africat Porcupine
Klein Namutoni Waterhole
Win Win Vacations Sign
Salvadora Waterhole
Nebrownii Waterhole

Okonjima Africat
Adventure Travel World Summit, Windhoek
Wildlife Photography Tour
Etosha National Park
Zebra Lodge Adventure

Ellies video clip
Waterhole video

Koinachas Waterhole

Chudob waterhole

Glacier Bay Alaska, Un-Cruise Adventure, September, 2013

Dawes Glacier Calving

    Bartlett Cove
    Basket Bay
    Beach Walk
    Dawes Glacier
    Ford's Terror and Endicott Arm


Tail slap and Breaching Whales

    Glacier Bay
    Icy Straits
    Low Tide with Conner
    Safari Endeavour
    Un-Cruise Adventure
    More Glacier Bay video clips

Stellar Sea Lion

    Stellar Sea Lions
    Sea Otters
    Whales and Tails in Frederick Sound
    Bald Eagle Chicks

Brooks Lodge, Katmai National Park Alaska, July, 2013

    Brooks Lodge
    Walking, Swimming, Jumping & Fishing Bears
    Pouncing, Standing, Lunging and Napping Bears
    Dating, Mating & Loving Bears
    Below the Falls
    Eagles, Seagulls & Yellow Legs
    Catching Salmon and Begging
    Catching Salmon and Eating
    Bear Encounters
    Eye to Eye
    Sockeye are Running
    Beadnose and Cubs
    Yearlings in a Tree
    Spring Cubs
    Katmai Air


Fishing at the Falls video

Grizzly encounter video

More Katmai video clips


Catch at the top of the Falls

Kenya May, 2013

New African Territories

Breakfast at Hogmead in Nairobi
Sabuk Conservancy
Lobari Shereki Village
Lobari Shereki Village
Camel Ride
Sabuk Conservancy
Sabuk Conservancy
Golden Boy Leopard
Marsh Pride Break-Away Lioness & Cubs
Nkorombo Camp
Safari in the Maasai Mara 1
Safari in the Maasai Mara 2
Serian Main and Ngare Camps
Flying to Kipalo, Tsavo West
Kipalo Lodge, Mbulia Conservancy
Mzima Springs
Spotted Eagle Owl Rescue
Wild Flowers


Video clips

Luggage Handlers

Nairobi National Park & Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Nairobi National Park
Sheldrick Orphanage 1
Sheldrick Orphanage 2
Sheldrick Orphanage 3
Sheldrick Orphanage 4
Sheldrick Orphanage 5
Sheldrick Orphanage 6

Marasa Africa

Aberdare Country Club
Walk on the Conservancy
Solio Game Ranch
Lilac-breasted Roller
The Arc
   The Arc continued
Bird Feeding
Elephants in the Rain
Elephants Playing in the Water hole
Giant Forest Hogs
Mara Leisure Camp 
Birds at Sunset
   with 2 Cubs
Maasai Mara Game Drive
Lilac-breasted Roller
Maasai Mara Afternoon Game Drive
   and his 4 Sons


Hemingways Collection

Elephant Omondi
Ol Seki Hemingways Mara
Naboisho Conservancy Game Drive Day 1
Naboisho Conservancy Game Drive Day 2
Naboisho Conservancy Game Drive Day 2 
Hippo Fun and Games
Naboisho Lion Pride
Naboisho Conservancy Sunrise Giraffes
Hemingways Nairobi

Satao Elerai

Satao Elerai Camp
Satao Elerai
Fly to Amboseli
Game Drive in Amboseli
Fish Eagle
Grey Crowned Crane
All day in Amboseli
Lunch on Observation Hill
After lunch game drive
Surprise Sundowner
Lilac-breasted Roller

San Diego Zoo, March, 2013

Grey-crowned Crane

Mandarin and North American Wood ducks

San Diego Zoo, Living Desert 
    San Diego Safari Park

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Padilla Bay and Samish Island, February 23, 2013

Great Blue Heron


    Padilla Bay and Samish Island


Fir Island Turkeys, February 8, 2013

Fir Island Snow Geese, February 8, 2013

Commercial Turkey Breed

   Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey
Turkey video with k-fwump & gobble sounds


Snow Geese


Something spooked them

Snow Geese
    Snow Geese video clip

Fir Island Trumpeter Swans, February 3, 2013

Shadow Lake (Swan Lake)
January 21, 25, 2013

Trumpeter Swans


Shadow Lake Swan

Trumpeter Swan
    Trumpeter Swan Video


Shadow Lake

    Shadow Lake
    Shadow Lake Video

Damon Point State Park, Ocean Shores, Jan-Mar 2013


Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores with Aaron Baggenstos
Highlight videos
    Ocean Shores Kite Surfing
    Snowy Owl
    Snowy Owl

Kristina at Ocean Shores
Damon Point State Park

Snowy Owl Yawns

Skagit River Intrepretive Center, January 2013

Bald Eagle

Nooksack River Bald Eagles

Skagit River

    Skagit River Float Trip
    Nooksack River

   Bald Eagle video

Straw-colored Fruit Bats of Zambia, Robin Pope Safaris November 2012

Kafunta River Lodge

Back to Zambia
Kafunta River Lodge
Full Moon
Elephant Shrew and Scrub Hare
Carmine Bee Eaters
Cape Buffalo
Frisky Puku
Lilac-breasted Roller
Birds and More

Mwamba Bush Camp

Drive to Mwamba Bush Camp
Elephant Hide
Hippo Hide
Mwamba Water Hole Hide
Carmine Bee-eater Hide
Mwamba Bush Camp
Kaingo Camp
Walking Safari with Brent
Lion Cubs Exploring
Mwamba Hide
Mwamba Hide Elephants
Mwamba Hide
Mwamba Hide
Game Drive Nsefu Pride 
Game Drive
Drive to Kafunta

Rains turn everything to mud


Robin Pope Safaris Itinerary

Kafunta River Lodge

White Baby Baboon
Game Drive
Kafunta Suite
The Rains Have Come
Game Drive 
Game Drive

Kafunta01 02 03 04
    Mwamba & Kafunta Video Clips

Shoebill Island


Flying to Shoebill Island
Barefoot through the Swamp
The Rare Shoebill
Shoebill Island, Bangweulu Wetlands
Scenic Flight over Bangweulu Wetlands

Shoebill Island Highlights
    Black Lechwe video
    Walking through the swamp
    Scenic Flight over Bangweulu Wetlands

Africa Geographic Shoebill 10/2012.pdf


Wasa Lodge, Kasanka

Flying to Kasanka
Wasa Lodge
Game Drive, Kasanka National Park
Bat Hides, Bat Forest
More Bats
Millions of Bats
Canoeing on the Luwombwa River
Luwombwa Lodge

Paradise Flycatcher

Bat Forest

Bat Forest Hide
More Bats
Public Viewing Area
Kasanka Walking Safari
Paradise Flycatcher
The Long Flight Home

4 Million Bats and more are coming

Canoeing the Luwombwa
Kasanka  National Park
    Video clips

Africa Geographic Blizzard of Bats 3/2010.pdf

Malawi, Robin Pope Safaris, October 2012

Mkulumadzi Lodge
Majete Wildlife Reserve

Mkulumadzi Lodge
Honeymoon Suite
Majete Wildlife Reserve
Game Drive
Shire River Safari
Drive to Pumulani

Kristina on Safari Dhow

    Mkulumadazi Video

Pumulani, Malawi

Pumulani Lodge
Dhow Sunset Cruise
Bird Walk
Ambeya Village and Crafts
Eagle Feed
Sunset Sailing on a Dhow
Final Dhow Excursion

    Pumulani Video

Huntingdon House

Drive to Huntingdon House
Tea Tasting
Huntingdon House
Satemwa Tea Plantation
Picnic Hike
Nature Walk
Kisinja Village
Airport Drive


Country side
    Huntingdon House 
    Satemwa Tea Plantation

   Huntingdon House Video

Zambia, Robin Pope Safaris, October 2012

Luangwa River Camp

Luangwa River Camp
South Luangwa National Park Game Drive
Carmine Bee-eaters
South Luangwa National Park Game Drive
Carmine Bee-eaters
Luangwa video

Nkwali Camp

Nkwali Camp
Robin's House
Luangwa Safari House
Evening Drive & Sundowner
Morning Game Drive
Crowned Hornbill and Chameleon
Carmine Bee-eaters
Elephant Crossing
South Luangwa National Park Game Drive
Nkwali video

Nsefu Game Camp

Tena Tena
Nsefu Camp
Night Drive
Nsefu video

Luangwa Bush Camp

Walking Safari
Bush Camp
Nsefu Lion Pride on Foot
Drive to Mfuwe

Robin Pope Safari Highlights 1
    Robin Pope Safari Highlights 2
    Deb Tittle

Leopard Lounge

APTA Promoting Tourism to Africa. Devner National APTA Forum, September 2012

Denver National APTA Forum
Hawk Quest
Wynkoop Brewing


2012 Chapter Presidents

Kristina with Bald Eagle Friend

Wynkoop Brewing Gorilla

Stockholm Sweden, August 2012

Phantom of the North

Gustafsberg 2
Gamla Stan
Vasa Museum
Gröna Lund
Göta Kanal, 3, 4
Britten's Flowers and Balloons
Skansen 2
Haga  Park
Old Friends
Stockholm Sweden, 3
Stockholm at night

Karin, Hasse, Caren & Britten

Stockholm Highlights

Zimbabwe, May 2012

Flying to Mana Pools

Flying Over Victoria Falls

Flying over Vic Falls
Flying over Zambia

Mana Pools

Arrive at Mana Pools
Rukomechi Camp
Game Drive to Kanga
Kanga Camp
Goliath Camp
Sundowner Cruise
Flying to Hwange

Hwange National Park

Little Makalolo
At the Hide at Little Mak
Game Drive
Lions Drinking
Lion Cubs Playing
Davisons Camp
Game Drive with Charles
Ellie at the Hide
Lions on Buffalo Kill
Game Drive to Somalisa
Somalisa Camp
The Pool at Somalisa
Game Drive with Ray Mondo
The Hide Lodge
Flying to Bulawayo

Matobo Hills National Park

Camp Amalinda
Big Cave Camp
The Farm House
Rooms at Amalinda
Black Eagle
Nswatugi Cave Paintings
Driving from Amalinda to Pamushana

Lilac-breasted Roller

Malilangwe Trust

Singita Pamushana , Continued
Malilangwe Sundowner Cruise
Necking Giraffe
Maba Kweni Cave Paintings
Malilangwe Game Drive
Night Drive
Drive from Pamushana to Norma Jeane's

Great Zimbabwe

Hill Complex, continued
Great Enclosures

Mana Pools Sunset


Drive from Musvingo
Jacana Guest House
Craft Market
Wild is Life
Sweet  Pea
Amanzi Lodge
Bronte Hotel
Tricia's House
Johannesburg Airport

    Flying over Vic Falls
    Mana Pools
    Little Makalolo
    Pamushana Highlights
    Great Zimbabwe

Video Clips
    Indaba, Botswana & Zimbabwe Video Clips

Indaba, South Africa, May 2012

First Class on BA
Lesedi Cultural Village
Tour of Soweto & Daryl's Kids
Tour of Soweto
Indaba 2012
Indaba 2012


Yellow-billed Hornbill

Indaba, Botswana & Zimbabwe Video Clips


Zambezi River


Botswana, May 2012

Kwando's Tau Pan 
Central Kalahari Game Reserve

First Day at Tau Pan
Morning Drive
Afternoon Drive
Morning Walk with Scouper

Crimson-breasted Shrike

Kwando's Nxai Pan
Nxai Pan National Park

Arriving Kwando Nxai Pan Camp
First Afternoon Drive
Sundowner & Fun Evening
Nxai Pan Drive
Baines Baobabs
Sunset Ellies at Waterhole
Harvest Moon
Morning Departure Parade of Elephants

Kwando Lagoon

Flying Across the Okavango Delta
Lagoon Camp
Stan & Borman
3 Cheetah Brothers
Game Drive
Wild Dogs
Termite Lesson
5,000 Buffalo
Will They Fly?

African Hoopoe

Botswana Highlights
    Tau Pan
    Nxai Pan
    Kwando Lagoon
    Flying Over the Okavango

Chile, February 2012

Easter Island, February 2012

Punta Arenas
City Tour
Cruceros Australis
Ainsworth Bay
Tuckers Islets
Cruising Patagonia
Pia Glacier and Pia Hike
Glacier Alley
Sea Life
Wulaia Hike
Train to the End of the World
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Cape Horn
Knots and Wine Tasting
Wulaia Hike

Piloto Glacier

Piloto & Nena Glaciers
Magdalena Island
Drive to Tierra Patagonia
Hotel Tierra Patagonia
    Chile video clips
    Kristina presents Webinar on Via Australis

Magdalena Island

Paine Waterfalls
Andean Condor
Laguna Azul
Laguna Amarga
Laguna Azul Hike
Lago Grey
Rio Pingo Hike
Lago Grey Beach Hike
Birding Walk
Crested Caracara
Buff-necked Ibis
Hunters Trail
Cave Painting

Punta Arenas & Ushuaia
    Via Australis
    Cruising Patagonia
    Cape Horn 
    Magdalena Island Penguins
    Torres del Paine National Park


Explora Hotel
Slide in Trunks of Bananas
Hike to the Rano Raraku Quarry
Rano Raraku
Rano Raraku Wetland
Picnic Lunch
The Fifteen Moai
Beach Festival
Orongo (Birdman) Crater
Ahu Akivi Moai Site
Cliffs and Caves Tour
Surfing at Moai Site
Dance Performance
City Tour
Flying Home


Seven Moai

Easter Island Highlights 1
    Easter Island Highlights 2
    Easter Island video clips

The Allure of Latin America, January 2012

Houston Falconer show

South American King Vulture

Tango Dancers

    Jan and Eric
    Buenos Aires

Argentina & Chile
Easter Island Preview Itinerary

   Argentina video clips

Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel
Buenos Aires City Tour
Dinner at Punta Ricoleta
Pampas Estancia, La Alameda Barbeque
La Alameda Dance Performance
La Alameda Gaucho Games
Waiting for the Flower to Close
Buenos Aires Cemetery
Opera House, Theater & Mate Cup
Craft Fair
Tango Dinner Theater
Parana River Delta
Parana River Delta Museum

Kenya, December 2011

Fly 540 to Buffalo Springs
Grevy Zebra
Samburu Interpids
Walking with Francis
Morning Drive in Samburu
Cheetah Encounter
Dik-dik Dung Ceremony
2 Cheetah Brothers
Leopard in a Tree
Afternoon Drive in Samburu
Drive via Archer's Post
Somali Ostrich
Buffalo Springs Bridge
Palacina Hotel
Amsterdam Schipohl Airport

Vulturine Guineafowl


    Samburu  Highlights

PNWAPTA Agent FAM to Kenya, December 2011

APTA with Maasai Warriors

Driving from Nairobi to Amboseli
Porini Amboseli Camp, Selenkay Conservancy
Maasai Village
Maasai Dancing
Sundowner with Bush Dinner

Porini Amboseli Camp
    Porini Mara Camps
    Porini Rhino Camp

3 Cheetah Brothers on a Kill
Selenkay Conservancy
Crested Crane Mating Dance
Amboseli National Park
Mating Ostriches
More Elephants
Amboseli Serena
Tortilis Tented Camp
Tawi Lodge
Amboseli Game Drive
Getting Stuck
Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Porini Rhino Camp

Sweetwaters Tented Camp
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp
Bush Lunch, Baraka & Chimps
Northern White Rhinos
Game Drive in OPC
Rhino and Zebra
Fly to Masai Mara
Mara Encounter
Ol Seki
Mara Porini Bush Lunch & Dinner
Ol Kinyei
Mara Porini Staff Goodbye
Mara Lion Camp
Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer
Leopard in a Tree with a Kill
Night Lions in Olare Orok Conservancy
Drive to Olkiombo

Kenya, November 2011

Hogmead, Karen District, Nairobi
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphans

"Got Any Snacks this Morning?"

Giraffe Garden Manor
Shopping in Karen at X-box
Karen Cottages
Morning in Jock's Room
Breakfast with the Giraffes
Sabuk, Northern Laikipia 
Walking with Camels
Fly Camping with Samburu Warriors
Along the Ewaso Nyiro River
Sabuk's Cottages
Lobarishereki School & Village
Off to Mara North

Elephant Pepper Camp
Royal Mara Safari Lodge
Cheli & Peacock Pride
Jonathan Scott
Hyena Kill
Zebras Fighting
Game Drive in Mara North Conservancy
Mating Hamerkops
Marsh Pride
Newborn Topi
Lions, Zebra & Birds
Cranes and Owls
Drive to the Masai Mara & Naibor
Afternoon Game Drive
3 Lionesses with 9 Cubs
Bush Breakfast with Daudi

Kristina with 1 month old Sasab

Cheetah Kitten

Narasha and her 2 Cubs
6 Jackal pups & a Baby Giraffe
Lion Drama on Rongai River
Sunset Watching Lions
Drive to Olarro
Olarro Lodge
Olarro Garden
Olarro Walk
Fostering Sasab at the Orphanage

    Kenya video clips
    Caught in the Act

Tanzania, October 2011

Legendary Lodge, Arusha

Serengeti North

Lemala Mara Tented Cam
Serengeti North: First Afternoon Drive
Looking for Lions
Serengeti North: Early Morning
A Journey of Giraffes
A Tower of Giraffes
Leopard on a Rock
Cheetahs under a Tree
Another Leopard
2nd Day: Early Morning
Mara River Crossing
Lunch with Cheetah Brothers
Second Mara River Crossing
Sunken Bridge
Car Crossing
Third Mara River Crossing
Elephant Crossing
Serengeti Mara Farewell
Marabou Stork

Serengeti North Highlights
    Lemala Mara

Wildebeest follow the leader

    Mara Crossing
    Lemala Mara video clips

Central Serengeti

Superb Starling

Arrive at Lemala Ewanjan
Morning in Central Serengeti
Lilac-breasted Rollers and other birds
Giraffe and Monkeys
Leopard gets down
Looking for the Migration
Migration at Elma Kati
Migration at Lake Magad
Rolling Zebra
Leopard with 2 Cubs
Flying Ndege

Central Serengeti Highlights
Lemala Ewanjan
    Central Serengeti video clips

Ngorongoro Crater

Arriving at Lemala Ngorongoro
Day in the Ngorongoro Crater
Lion and Buffalo encounters
Baboons, Buffalo and a Cheetah
Lunch with the Yellow-billed Black Kites

Ngorongoro Crater Highlights
Lemala Ngorongoro Crater
    Ngorongoro video clips

Manyara Ranch Conservancy

The Manyara Ranch Tented Camp
Collaring a Wildebeest
Joanna's Pictures
Game Drive on the Ranch
Walking with Chris and Lengati
Retrieving a Collar
Sundowner Drive
Tracking Lions

Manyara Ranch Highlights
    Darting a Wildebeest
    Manyara Ranch
    Game Drive
    Walking Safari with Chris and Lengati

Collaring a Wildebeest

    Manyara Ranch Conservancy video clips

Kenya, September 2011

Escorted Safari to Kenya & Tanzania

Black Rhino, Nairobi National Park

Nairobi Tented Camp
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Nairobi National Park
Rekero's Naboisho Tented Camp

Naboisho Conservancy
Masai Mara
The Elusive Leopard
Lunch with Hippos & Crocs
Wildebeest at
Paradise Crossing
Rakita 1,  2,  3,  4, 
Koiyaki Guiding School

Tom & Rakita

Kenya Highlights
    Nairobi National Park
    Naboisho Camp
    Masai Mara
    Paradise Crossing
    Spotter Rakita
    Kenya video clips
    Rakita Stealing meat from Lions (Youtube)

Nairobi Cityscape Zebra

Colorado River Rafting, August 2011

Video clips:

Kolob Hike
Rigging the Rafts (time lapse)
Condors up high
Scouting House Rock Rapid (7)
Sam rows
527 Mile Rapid
Silver Grotto
Cooking and Camping
Vasey's Paradise
Redwall Cavern with Holly
Nautiloid Canyon
Marble Canyon Dam Site
President Harding Rapid (4)
Nankoweap Rapid (3) and Granery
Unkar Creek Rapid (6) & Anasazi Ruins
Hance Rapid
Sockdolager Rapid (7)

Colorado River, Grand Canyon


Tom Strauchs' slide show

Tom, Chris & Sam run Lava

Horn Creek Rapid (8)
Granite Rapid (8)
Loop Hike
Bighorn Sheep
Elves Chasm
Bedrock Rapid (7)
Christmas Tree Cave
Deer Creek Falls
Upset Rapid (6)
Havasu & Beaver Falls
Lava Falls (9)
209 Mile Rapid
Little Bastard
Lunch on the rafts
Last Day
Last Camp
Pearce Ferry & Rapid (10)

Stockholm, Sweden, July 2011

Kristina, Karin, Britten

Gunilla & Bertil
Britten & Hasse
Ring-tailed Lemur
Tina & Mamma

Ring-tailed Lemur

South Luangwa NP, Zambia, May 2011

Lions in a tree

Tafika Camp
Walking Safari with Alex
Stork Colony
Game Drive with MuKupa
Sundowner at the Hot Springs
Microlight with John Coppinger
Drive to Kafunta
Kafunta River Lodge
Pontoon Crossing
Leopards on a Night Drive
Lioness & a Reunion
Lions & Ellies
Birds & Lions, Civet at night
Walking with Martin
Mating Giraffes
Island Bush Camp
Kapani Safari Lodge
Leopard on Monitor Lizard Kill
Wonky Tusk
Lions in a Tree
Lions & Buffalo
Luwi Bush Camp
Nsolo Bush Camp
Kakuli Bush Camp
Mchenja Bush Camp
Mchenja Pride
Game Drive to Mfuwe Airport

    Video clips

Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia, May 2011

Fly Lusaka to Royal, Lower Zambezi NP
Chongwe River Camp, Albida Suite
Walking Safari with Victor
Chongwe River House
Game Drive with Victor in LZN NP
Canoeing with Victor
Sundowner Cruise with Victor
Kasaka River Lodge
Chongwe River Camp, Main Lodge
Baines River Camp
Chiawa Camp
Afternoon Cruise & Night Drive
Canoeing the Waterbuck Channel
Fish Eagle with Bream Kill
Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River


    Video clips

Morning Game Drive with Daniel
Morning Drive and Lunch on Chiawa Cruise
Sausage Tree Lodge
Canoeing with James
Chifungulu Channel
Lions Before Lunch
Fishing with Sam
Canoe the Chifungulu Again
Tranquil Water
Chifungulu Hippo & Birds
Hippo and Crocs
Old Mondoro
Looking for Leppie

Indaba, Durban, SA May 2011

Dereck Joubert & Kristina

Flying from Seattle to Johannesburg

Durban, South Africa

Zanzibar, April 2011

Arrive Zanzibar
Matemwe Lodge
Reef Walk
Snorkel & Sail at Mnemba Lodge
The Second Evening
Morning Bliss
Site Inspections of Villa Retreat
Driving to Breezes
The Palms & Baraza
Sultan's Palace
Red Colobus Monkey
Jozani Forest National Park
Blue / Sykes Monkey
The Mangroves
Drive to Stonetown

Serena Inn
Stonetown Sudowner
Stonetown Night Market
Spice Tour
Prison Island
Mating Turtles
Night Shopping, Sunset and Dinner
Sunrise from My Balcony
Dhow's heading out
Touring and Shopping in Stonetown
Last Dinner & Last minute Shopping
The New First Class Suite in BA

Zanzibar Highlights:
    Colobus Monkeys
    Spice Island Turtles
    Zanzibar 1   Zanzibar 2

Dhow at Sunset

    Video clips

Tanzania with Asilia, March 2011

Kristina at Kenya - Tanzania Border

To Tarangire National Park
Swala Camp
Oliver's Camp Under Construction
Tarangire Morning Drive
Tarangire Birds
Tarangire Elephants

Drive to Karatu
Local Lunch
Charles Bies
The Manor at Ngorongoro
Plantation Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater
Crater Activity
Crater Road Block
Giraffe Migration
Lemala Ndutu Camp
Ndutu Safari Lodge
Lake Masek Tented Camp
Olakira Morning Drive
Bat-eared Foxes
Zebras and Lions
Vultures and Lions

Lilac-breasted Roller & Lovebirds
Fisher's Lovebirds
The Great Migration
Moru Kopjes
Dunia Camp
Leopard and Python
Side-striped Jackal
Vultures on a Kill
More Birds
Martial Eagle
Lions in Love
Hammerkop Kill
Lions on a Rock
Seronera Visitor Center
Fly to Sayari
Sayari Camp
Mara River Drive
Sundowner Drive
Crossing the Mara
On the Other Side
Mwanza Flat-headed Agama
Walk to Sundowner
Fly to Zanzibar
    Lake Manyara Highlight
    Video clips

Tanzania with andBeyond, March 2011

Arusha Coffee Lodge
Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Lake Manyara Morning Drive
Lemala Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara Afternoon Drive
Malley's Village

Kristina at Shifting Sands

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Shifting Sands
Serengeti Under Canvas
Ndutu Lioness with 3 Cubs
Ndutu's 3 Cheetah Brothers
Ndutu Afternoon Drive
Mating Hyenas
Vultures and Cheetahs
Ndutu Plains
Kwaheri to Serengeti Under Canvas

Kenya, March 2011

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor

The New Giraffe Manor
Giraffe Center
Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Kenya Highlights
Giraffe Manor
    Elephant Orphanage  

Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

New Zealand with Reg & Shel, February 2011

Arrive Christchurch
High Country Safari
Fly to Queenstown
Coach to Milford Sound
Mirror Lakes & the Chasm
Milford Sound Nature Cruise
Kea in the Road
Kawarau Bungy Jump
Gibbston Valley Winery
Kiwi Birdlife Park
Conservation Show

Milford Sound

Queenstown Skyline Gondola
TSS Earnslaw
Colonel's Homestead Carvery Dinner
Walter's Peak Farm
Last morning in Queenstown
Last Night in Auckland

New Zealand Highlights
    Milford Sound

The Gang

Tom's pictures
Carol's pictures
    Video clips

Fiji with Reg & Shel, February 2011

Arrive at Nadi
Kula Eco Park
Kula Eco Park Aquarium

Outrigger Sunset

Outrigger on the Lagoon
Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Viseisei Village
Vuda Lookout Point
Beqa Island Fire Walkers
South Seas Catamaran
Castaway Island Resort
Meke Feast & Dancing
Morning (shark) Walk
The Birthday Party
Cloud Break
Kayak around Castaway
Last night at Castaway
Last morning at Castaway
Radisson Resort, Denarau
Tom's pictures

Fiji Highlights
    Video clips

Castaway Welcome

Previews: Fiji / New Zealand Itinerary
    Fiji Me video
    Fiji Islands video
    Bula Fiji slide show

Today - 2017


Magical Kenya Travel Expo, Sept - Oct 2018
Whale Watching, Aug - Oct 2018
Camano Island, Summer 2018
Whale Watching, June - July 2018
Eagle Crest Sunset, May 2018
Whale Watching, March - May 2018
Antarctica, South Georgia, Falklands, Jan 2018
Whale Watching, Dec 2017
Tanzania with Kay, Nov 2017
Kenya with Kay, Nov 2017
Whale Watching, Sept 2017
Whale Watching, August 2017
Whale Watching, July 2017
Whale Watching June 2017
Whale Watching - Anacortes, May 2017
Whale Watching - La Conner, May 2017
Gray Whales, April 2017
Tulip Town, April 2017
Gray Whales, March 2017
Seattle Whale Watching Speckles, Jan 2017
Birds of Greenlake, Jan 2017
Short-eared Owls of Leque Island, Jan 2017


2016 - 2014

Whale Watching, New Years Eve Dec, 2016
Greenlake Birds, December 2016
Orca Whale Watching, Nov - Dec 2016
Whale Watching Sept - Oct 2016
Orca Whale Watching August 2016
Anna Goes Whale Watching July 2016
Tanzania and Kenya, June 2016
Whale Watching, May - June 2016
Sweden, April 2016
Whale Watching, March - April 2016
Grand Canyon Colorado River, March 2016
Victoria Clipper fam March 2016
Cherry Blossoms at UW, March 2016
Fir Island & Leque Island, Feb 2016
Chilkat River Eagles Haines Alaska Dec 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching Sept 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching Sept 2015
Blue Angels Museum of Flight August 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching August 2015
South Africa May 2015
Botswana May 2015
Fir Island Tulips and Snow Geese March 2015
Tanzania with Kay March 2015
Tanzania with Tom February, 2014
Tanzania Births & Babies February 2015
Churchill Polar Bears November 2014
Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary Sept 2014
Seattle Carkeek Park August 2014
Ursula Judkins Viewpoint July 2014
Lake Burien Fireworks July 2014
Kenya June 2014
David Sheldrick Wildlife June 2014
Skagit Valley March 2014
Cherry Blossoms, U of W, 2014

Green lake Red-winged Blackbirds, 2014
Ethiopia January 2014


2013 - 2011

South Africa Safari, November 2013
Adventure Travel Summit, Namibia Oct 2013
Glacier Bay Alaska Cruise September 2013
Brooks Lodge, Katmai NP Alaska July 2013
Kenya May 2013
San Diego Zoo March 2013
Padilla Bay and Samish Island February 2013
Fir Island Turkeys February 2013
Fir Island Snow Geese February 2013
Fir Island Trumpeter Swans February 2013
Shadow Lake February 2013
Damon Point Ocean Shores Mar 2013
Skagit River Interpretive Center January 2013
Fruit Bats Zambia Robin Pope November 2012
Malawi Robin Pope Safaris October 2012
Zambia Robin Pope Safaris October 2012
APTA Denver National September 2012
Stockholm Sweden August 2012
Zimbabwe May 2012
Indaba South Africa May 2012
Botswana May 2012
Chile February 2012
Easter Island February 2012
Allure of Latin America January 2012
Kenya December 2011
PNWAPTA Agent Kenya Fam December 2011
Kenya November 2011
Tanzania October 2011
Kenya September 2011
Colorado River Rafting August 2011
Stockholm Sweden July 2011
South Luangwa NP Zambia May 2011
Lower Zambezi NP Zambia May 2011
Indaba Durban SA May 2011
Zanzibar April 2011
Tanzania with Asilia March 2011
Tanzania with and Beyond March 2011
Kenya March 2011
New Zealand with Reg &  Shel February 2011
Fiji with Reg & Shel February 2011


2010 - 2006

Sunspots Fiji, December 2010
Jonathan Scott Mfuwe, November 2010
South Luangwa  Zambia, November 2010
Tanzania, October 2010
Stockholm, August 2010
Botswana Bushmen, May 2010
Transfrontier Mozambique, May 2010
Iceland, April 2010
La Conner WA, Feb 21, 2010 
Madikwe South Africa, December 2009
Namibia, November 2009
Bibi's East Africa Kenya, July 2009
Bibi's East Africa Tanzania, July 2009
Selenkay Conservancy, Kenya, July 2009
andBeyond Kenya, June 2009
Eric & Angie, Alameda California, May 2009
Zambia, April 2009
Caprivi Strip Namibia, March 2009
5 Rivers Safari Botswana, March 2009
Kenya, December 2008
Sunspots Fiji, October 2008
Masai Mara Kenya, September 2008
Honey's Cubs Masai Mara, September 2008
Samburu, Kenya, September 2008
Giraffe Manor Kenya, August 2008 
Zambia, August 2008
Kenya, July 2008
Botswana, May 2008
South Africa, May 2008
Namibia, May 2008
Rafting the Grand Canyon, March 2008
Tanzania, November 2007
Kenya, October 2007
Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, September 2007
South Africa, August 2007
Estes Park Reunion Colorado, August 2007
Barcelona to Rome, Windsurf  July 2007
Norwegian Coastal Voyage Norway, May 2007
Butchart Gardens Canada, April 2007
Wings over Botswana, March 2007
Sunspots Tahiti, February 2007
Gorillas Uganda & Rwanda, December 2006
Kenya, December 2006
South Africa, November 2006
Zambia, October 2006
Alaska Inside Passage Alaska, July 2006
Kenya, May 2006
Kilimanjaro Summit, February 2006
Kenya & Tanzania, February 2006

2005 - 2001

Fiji, Sunspots December 2005
Steamboat Co. Canada, November 2005
Botswana, November 2005
Celebrity Cruise, Canada, September 2005
Koerner Reunion, August 2005
High Coast, Sweden, July 2005
Fiji Fam Trip Fiji, May 2005
Kenya, April 2005
Tanzania & Kenya, February 2005
The Caribbean December 2004
The Mediterranean October 2004
Spirit of Oceanus September 2004
The Baltics, July 2004
Caribbean May 2004 
Copper Canyon Mexico, April 2004
Star Flyer Cruise Thailand, February 2004
Botswana & South Africa, November 2003
Aruba, October 2003
Maui Hawaii, July 2003
Holland America Cruise Alaska, July 2003
Galapagos Ecuador, May - June 2003
Fiji, April 2003
Star Clipper Cancun, February 2003
MS/Zuiderdam Ft. Lauderdale, December 2002
Prince Resorts Hawaii, November 2002
Egypt, September 2002
Denali National Park Alaska, August 2002
Rocky Mountaineer Train Calgary, July 2002
Wedding Barbados, June 2002
Silversea Whisper Cruise Istanbul to May 2002
Tahiti, March 2002
Sea of Cortez Cruise Mexico, January 2002
Wine Country Cruise California, December 2001
Mediteranian, October 2001
Inside Passage Cruise Alaska, August 2001
African Safari South Africa, July 2001  
Temptress Cruise Costa Rica, May 2001  

2000 and Earlier

Manzanillo Mexico, December 2000
Bahamas Cruise Bahamas, November 2000
Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahiti, May 2000
Panama Canal Cruise Panama, December 1999
Scandinavia Norway, October 1999
Scuba Diving in La Paz Mexico, October 1999
Barbados, September 1999
Sweden, May 1999
Britain Bound, England, March 1999
Maui Hawaii, November 1998
Finland, May 1998
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, April 1998
Sweden, November 1997
Switzerland, September 1997
Grand Canyon Rafting Arizona, June 1997
Mexico, May 1997
Mexico, November 1996
Oregon, July 1996
Seabourn Cruise France, Italy, May 1996
Australia, August 1995
Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 1995
Puerto Vallarta Mexico, February 1995
Sonoma Wine Tour California, November 1994
Hawaii, September 1994
Holland, September 1994
Disney World Orlando Florida, May 1994
Scotland, April 1994
Ski FAM France, March 1993
Iditarod Race Alaska, March 1993
Sedona, Arizona, February 1993
Cook Islands, December 1992
Norway & Denmark, November 1992
Switzerland, February 1992
England, October 1991
Florida, July 1991
Hawaii, December 1990
Skiing in Whistler Canada, December 1990
Stockholm Sweden, October 1990
Hawaii, July 1989


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